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If my fingerprint isn’t recognised, can I still access the Barclaycard app?

With Touch ID enabled for your Barclaycard app, you’ll have 5 chances to authenticate using your fingerprint. If your fingerprint isn’t recognised, you’ll be asked to log in using your 5-digit passcode.

If your fingerprint continues to not be recognised, you may need to set up Touch ID again in your device settings.

To help keep your Barclaycard account secure, if we suspect that any changes have been made to the Touch ID settings on your device, we’ll ask you to set it up again.

If you’d like to use your fingerprint to log into the Barclaycard app, you should make sure that only your fingerprints are registered to your mobile device.

If you allow other people to access your mobile device using their fingerprints, please be aware that we consider any transaction(s) made with a registered fingerprint as authorised by you.

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