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How can I change my credit limit?

You can request a change to your current credit limit within Barclaycard online servicing by selecting 'Change credit limit' and following the instructions on-screen.

You can request either an increase or a decrease in your credit limit, just tell us what you'd like your credit limit to be and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

To log into or register for Barclaycard online servicing click here.

If you'd prefer you can get in touch with our Customer Services Team.

What you should know about credit limit changes:

  • Our decision to change your credit limit is made using credit scoring and based on several factors such as the way you've used your Barclaycard, and information from Credit Reference Agencies
  • We regularly review all our customers' credit limits, so if you're not eligible for an increase now, you may be in the future.


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