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How do I change my account details, such as my address, my contact details or my security information?

You can change your account details within Barclaycard online servicing.

If you need to change your Barclaycard online servicing username/ID number, passcode or memorable word, you can do so by selecting ‘Secure login details' which can be found in 'Your details' in the top menu.

If you are moving home and need to change your address or if your contact details have changed, simply select ‘Contact details' which can be found in 'Your details' in the top menu. To help us protect your account information you will be asked to confirm your existing telephone numbers before you can change to your new numbers.

Please note: Your Barclaycard is a UK based credit card account which means you need to have a UK address where we send your statements etc.

If you’re moving abroad, please let us know by sending a secure message via Barclaycard online servicing or contact our Customer Services Team.

To log in to or to register for Barclaycard online servicing click here.


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