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My credit limit has been increased but I don’t want the new limit, what should I do?


If you don't want us to increase your limit, or you want us to reduce it, that's no problem. Just send us a secure message by logging in or registering for Barclaycard online servicing. Go to ‘Secure message centre’, under ‘Help support’ in the top menu. We'll then do our best to help.

Just so you know, you can manage your credit limit increase notification preference whenever you like. Just log into Barclaycard online servicing and head to the ‘my details’ page. Don't worry – if you change your mind, you can go back and change your preference at any time.

You can request a higher or lower credit limit online too. Just follow the instructions on the 'Changing Your Credit Limit' page. Let us know what you'd like your credit limit to be, and we'll see what we can do. Or if you'd prefer, you can ask us to do this over the phone by calling 0800 151 0900.

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