How much cash can I withdraw from my Barclaycard?

You have two types of limit which affect the amount of cash you can withdraw, or cash-like transactions you can make, on your Barclaycard:
- daily cash withdrawal limit (generally ranging from £300 to £500 a day)
- total cash limit (this is set as a percentage of your credit limit)

To see your limits, log into or register for Barclaycard Online Servicing and go to 'Account Services'. Click on 'About your account' and navigate to the information about your card limits. Your total and daily cash withdrawal limit is also displayed on page two of your statement - which you can also view on both the Barclaycard and Barclays apps.

Using your Barclaycard to take out cash, or for other cash-like transactions  (such as buying foreign currency from a UK bank or Bureau de Change), will be more expensive than using your Barclaycard in a shop.

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