What is JavaScript and how do I enable it?

JavaScript is a kind of language that makes up the script widely used to run a website. When you open your browser it runs in the background, making the site you’re visiting work as intended. It’s what we use to make Barclaycard online servicing work. 

To enable JavaScript, just go to your browser’s settings or preferences and you’ll see an option there to ‘enable’ or ‘manage’ it. Just select the option to enable it and go to barclaycard.co.uk/login to register or log in. 

If JavaScript can’t be enabled or it’s telling you that it already is, it may be that you don’t have the latest version of your browser. In that case you’ll need to download a newer version, which you can do by visiting your browser’s website. 

Having difficulty? Some browser operators offer step-by-step instructions:

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