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I'm considering appointing a Debt Management Company what should I do?

There are independant organisations that offer free, confidential and impartial advice. Try contacting StepChange, the debt charity for free confidential advice.  You can call them on 0800 138 1111 or visit Step Change.

Other independant organisations offering free advice include:

Citizens Advice Bureau: For advice and information on debt and other topics, visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau (address in the phone book) or go to Advice Guide (England & Wales), CAS (Scotland) or  Citizens Advice (Northern Ireland).

National Debtline: If you live in England, Wales or Scotland phone 0808 808 4000 or visit National Debt Line for debt advice and information.

My Money Steps: Money Steps is a new website where borrowers can get access to straight forward advice, information and the practical support they need to help them manage their borrowing and take control of their finances. It is free, impartial and backed by the Money Advice Trust and Barclaycard. Visit moneysteps

If you have already appointed a Debt Management Company, please contact the company for any progress updates. If you have not informed us, please call 0800 161 5213  and we will update your records to show that a Debt Management Plan is being arranged.

For call charges click here. We also offer a Next Generation Text or SignVideo service. For more information visit barclaycard.co.uk/accessibility

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