If I make a payment at a Barclays ATM will I still be able to withdraw cash?

If you make a payment at an ATM from a Barclays account, the payment will not impact the amount of cash you can withdraw. 

If you make a payment from a non-Barclays account, your bank will treat the payment as a cash withdrawal and it will impact the amount of cash you can withdraw.

Your bank sets a daily cash withdrawal limit on your debit/electron card (it’s usually around £300, but please check with your bank) and so the ATM payment will be considered part of your daily cash withdrawal allowance. If your payment, or a combination of your payment and cash withdrawal, has reached this limit you will not be able to retrieve funds/additional funds from any ATM on that day.  If you require further funds you will need to go to your bank and withdraw them over the counter.

If you want to make a payment that is greater than your daily cash withdrawal limit you can do this by using one of the other payment options listed on your statement. 

Note that if you withdraw cash from your Barclaycard you might be charged a fee and the interest rate on cash transactions may be higher than on standard purchases. Please see your Terms and Conditions for details.

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