How do I pay my bill with my debit card using Barclaycard online servicing?

First you'll need to register for or log into Barclaycard online servicing by clicking here. Once you've logged in, select 'Payments' in the top menu.

In order to make a payment you'll need to have your debit card details to hand. You'll be able save these after your first payment, so they'll be available next time.

If you have previously saved your card details please check that your card has not expired or been replaced before you select it to make a payment. If it has expired or been replaced, please delete the out of date card and select 'Use a different card'.

When you pay by debit card, you may be directed to Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode to validate your payment securely. During this process you'll either need to enter your current password, or set up a new one, and you'll need to remember this password to make payments in the future.

Once you've submitted the payment we'll process it straight away, so you'll need to have the funds available in your account. Your payment request will be sent to your debit card issuer for authorisation and the outcome will be displayed on screen.

If your payment is declined, we recommend you check the details you entered and try again. Also, check that your debit card has not expired or been replaced. If the payment is still declined by your debit card issuer you will need to contact them for more information.

Please note that the minimum amount you can pay using Barclaycard online servicing is £1 and the maximum is £9,999.

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