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How do I avoid incurring charges?

There are different types of charges that can be incurred on an account. For example, if you go over your credit limit, make a late payment or have a payment returned you will incur a fee. You might also incur charges when withdrawing cash, making cash like transactions or using your card abroad.

You can avoid paying additional charges by staying within your credit limit and ensuring that your monthly payments are received on time and not returned unpaid. Why not log into Barclaycard online servicing and set up our free credit limit and payment due text or email alerts?

Keep up to date on your spending while 'on the move' with the Barclaycard app. The Barclaycard app is free to download and available from the app store for iOS versions 4.3 or later and Google Play for Android devices.

For full details of the rates and fees on your account see the back of your latest paper statement, your PDF estatement or your Terms and Conditions.

To register for or log into Barclaycard online servicing, click here

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