What rate of interest will I pay when I transfer a balance or transfer cash to my bank account?

The rate of interest you’ll pay on a transfer depends on the transfer offer you’re applying for.

You can apply for a transfer offer when you complete your Barclaycard application. 

If you’re an existing customer you can see what transfer offers are available to you by logging into Barclaycard online servicing.

To log in or register for Barclaycard online servicing simply click here.

If you’d prefer, you can get in touch with our Customer Services Team and they’ll talk you through the options available to you.

Please note – transfer offers may differ from month to month and could be for a fixed period of time, or until the transferred balance has been repaid.

What you need to know about transfers:

Transfers will often have a percentage handling fee – you’ll be told what this is as part of the offer – but it won’t exceed 5% of the amount to be transferred. The amount you’re charged will be shown on your monthly statement.

If interest is payable it will be charged at the promotional rate from the day the amount is transferred until the end of the offer period (or until the day the transferred amount is repaid in full).

If the promotional transfer rate runs for a fixed period, any balance remaining after that period has ended will be charged at your standard purchase rate. You’ll see this on your monthly statement or by logging into Barclaycard online servicing. Remember, your simple standard interest rate moves up and down in line with the Bank of England Base Rate.

To keep your promotional rate, you’ll just need to stay within your credit limit and pay at least the minimum amount on time each month. If you don’t, you’ll go back to your standard purchase rate.

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