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How do Instalment Plans affect my Direct Debit payments?

It's important to remember, the amount you will need to pay every month will increase once an Instalment Plan is set up on your account.  Here's how you Direct Debit payments will change:

  • if you only make your minimum payment each month by Direct Debit, it will increase as your monthly Plan payment will be included as part of it
  • if you make a fixed Direct Debit payment each month, we’ll increase it if your current amount doesn’t cover the new minimum payment that’s required as it now includes your Instalment Plan payment. If in any month you’ve not spent on your account and your current fixed amount is more than your monthly Plan payment, we’ll only take enough to cover the Plan. You won't be able to make a payment over and above the Plan amount due
  • if you pay in full each month – we'll only collect your main balance plus your Plan payment(s) for the month

See Instalment Plan for full details.

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