Once I've made a transfer, how much will I have to repay each month?

You’ll find the minimum amount you need to pay each month and the date your payment is due on your monthly statement. You’ll also see these by logging into Barclaycard online servicing.

You can view your minimum amount by logging in or registering for Barclaycard online servicing. To do this, simply click here.

If you’d prefer, you can get in touch with our Customer Services Team and they’ll tell you what your minimum amount is.

Remember, you can choose to pay more than the minimum amount at anytime – the more you pay, the quicker your debt will be cleared.

When you make a payment to your account, it’ll reduce higher interest rate balances first. This minimises any interest you might be charged and helps you to repay your balance more quickly.

To keep your promotional rate, you’ll just need to stay within your credit limit and pay at least the minimum amount on time each month. If you don’t, you’ll go back to your standard rate. Remember, your simple standard rate moves up and down in line with the Bank of England Base Rate.

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