Why is my digital statement not available to view?

Your monthly PDF statement takes a bit of time to be processed but will be ready a couple of days after your account bills. You'll receive your statement ready alert when it's available to view online.

We will only produce a statement if there has been activity on your account, so if there have not been any transactions or payments a statement will not be produced. Sometimes a statement might not be produced for your safety, for example if we've had mail returned from your address. If your most recent statement is missing and you think it should have been produced then please send us a secure message from Barclaycard online services or contact us.

In some instances some of your older statements might be missing. We've now fixed this problem for future statements but there could still be the odd gap in the statement history for some customers. If you need a copy of any statement that isn’t available online, send us a secure message through the ‘Help and support’ tab after you've logged in or registered for Barclaycard online servicing.

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